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Recycling is easy when you partner with Fender Benders. Our salvage yard purchases a variety of recyclable materials for your convenience. We purchase all ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals. We offer scrap metal removal services in Houghton Lake, Roscommon, Grayling and surrounding areas. If you have scrap metal pricing inquiries or want to learn more about the recycling services we offer call or stop-by anytime!



          Steel: $140 per net ton

Car Body: $145 per net ton

Complete Vehicle: $160 per net ton


         Short Steel:  $170 per net ton

         Brake Rotors:  $235 per net ton
         AF Structural: $200 per net ton

Bare Bright            3.50
# 1                          3.40

# 2                          3.30

# 3                          3.10

INS # 1                   2.50

Romex                   1.90

INS # 2                   1.50

INS # 3                   0.75

INS # 3 w/ ends     0.40

Recovery                0.10


Yellow                     1.95

Irony                        0.50                            *Prices per Pound*


Wheels                   0.75

Old                         0.45

Painted                  0.60

Cast                        0.42

Extruded                0.70

Transmissions        0.14

Irony                       0.16


Co/Al (clean)              1.50

Co/Al (unclean)          0.65

Aluminum (clean)       0.40

Aluminum (unclean)   0.15


Alternators/Starters    0.20

Sealed Units                0.12

Electric Motors            0.20

Lead Battery                0.10

  • We dispose of fiberglass items, such as boats and motorhomes, for a fee per foot

  • We dispose of travel trailers for a fee


  • Vehicles: To receive full value on a vehicle the frame must be intact and the vehicle must have a clear title. The fuel tank must be either removed or have a large hole in the bottom of the tank. 

    • If the fuel tank is not removed or have a large hole in it you will be charged a $20.00 service fee.

    • Loose tires are not allowed inside vehicles other than the factory spare. The four bolted on tires and the spare are allowed without deductions. 


What We Buy


What We Do Not Buy

Fender Benders reserves the right to refuse the purchase of any or all materials. Any items excessively covered in dirt, concrete and other debris will not be accepted. Nor will items containing large amounts of garbage, such as plastics, paper, food, or loose tires.

  • Items requiring proof of ownership, such as vehicles, trailers and motorhomes will only be purchased with matching, signed titles. 

  • Boats, motorcycles, atvs and snowmobiles must provide owner registration.

  • All sealed containers, such as gas, propane and acetylene tanks, must be drained with a hole large enough to see inside.

  • Hazardous and Flammable materials will be denied.

  • Radioactive materials will be denied.

  • Materials made of or containing asbestos or mercury will be denied.

  • Refrigeration equipment must be certified empty of Freon or have the compressors completely removed.

Terms, Conditions, Rules and Regulations

We are not responsible for any damages due to loading or unloading of customers vehicles or scrap.
No wandering in the yard, stay in designated areas.
Keep your distance around equipment.
We are not responsible for personal belongings.

We are not liable for any bodily injuries or death.

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